Addiction Support Services

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We provide housing support which enables people with addictions to lead full and stable lives. Our aim is to promote health and social wellbeing, helping people to reduce dependency and feel valued, respected and treated as individuals. We:

  • understand the addictive nature of drugs and alcohol and are skilled in supporting people to reduce their dependency on substances.
  • recognise that long term addiction to drugs and / or alcohol can lead to problems such as debt, unemployment, homelessness, criminal activity, poor health, relationship breakups, chaotic lifestyles and work to support people to deal effectively with these issues.
  • know that addiction to alcohol and / or drugs can result in overdose and death and are equipped to respond to such situations.
  • appreciate most people want to overcome their addiction but find it difficult to do so on their own, therefore the support we provide can be invaluable.
  • are aware that although there is no cure for addiction, many people can and do reduce or eliminate substance misuse from their lives.
  • many people, with the correct support, have turned their lives around, reduced the risk of relapse and made positive changes to their lifestyles.
  • have staff who are experienced in supporting this client group both in their own tenancies and in temporary accommodation.
  • work in partnership with other agencies to devise a recovery plan that will suit the individual’s needs.

We have experience of supporting people with addictions in a variety of settings from low level visiting support to 24 hour supported accommodation.

Sally’s Story

Sally is a young woman who was facing eviction from her home due to a high level of rent arrears and anti social behaviour. The relationships with her family had broken down and she no longer had access to her child due to becoming involved in criminal activity. She also had problems with addiction which were further affecting her life and relationships.

Sally relied on staff to help her deal with her issues and the effects her situation and life choices had on her life. She was supported to attend appointments with health professionals, solicitors and housing staff.

Sally’s mental and physical health improved and she developed more confidence, engaging with the people and services which could help her. With support, Sally managed to resolve her rent arrears which prevented her from being evicted and, having secured the benefits she was entitled to, was able to manage her money better. Sally also worked to reduce her addiction and best of all now has some contact with her child. Sally continues to value the small amount of support she gets each week, it helps her to keep making improvements in her life, health and relationships.

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Fife, KY12 7QE

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