Self Directed Support Service

Care Inspectorate Rating

We believe that individuals who need support to live their lives should be in control of that support and of their own lives. Self Directed Support (SDS) is when an individual (or their family):

  • are given money from the Local Authority to buy the services or support they need rather than Social Work arranging services for them.
  • have more flexibility, choice and control over the way that support is provided.
  • is enabled to live the life that they wish.

As a provider of flexible services we are well placed to take SDS forward and continue to develop our approach to this model by planning how we organise and deliver services as well as reviewing organisational processes.

We have experience of supporting people who receive funding directly to pay for their support.

Adele’s Story

Adele is a young woman who lives with her family and left school a short while ago. Her family is very important to her, as she is to them and they all wanted support which would help their family stay together and carry on with their lives.

They needed flexible support to fit in with family demands and busy lives and this is what happens. Adele and her family are organised and agree the support to be provided on a weekly basis. A small number of staff support Adele and they all work flexibly adjusting their hours as necessary.

In some weeks Adele gets a lot of support and she likes to go shopping, out for lunch, bowling and arts and crafts. Other weeks there is less support and more time is spent on family activities. Where unused hours build up, these can be “banked” and used for something special or unexpected at a later date. Adele has chosen to use these hours in the summer holidays to go on day trips.

It is important to agree the level of flexibility which can be achieved and to keep talking about support which changes regularly to make sure that Adele’s needs and wishes can continue to be met. It means that Adele and her family have support which is truly person centred and flexible, that they are in control and that they can continue to have good lives as a family.

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