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The term complex needs can be used to describe individuals with multiple and unique health and social care needs. Individuals are likely to have a combination of learning disabilities, communication difficulties, sensory / physical disabilities, complex health needs and / or mental health difficulties. We strive to provide the highest quality of support which is tailored to meet their individual needs. We:

  • provide a personalised response to care and support which takes account of the unique needs and challenges faced by each person.
  • work in partnership with the individual, family members and other professionals.
  • implement a person centred outcomes focussed approach to assist individuals to stay healthy, safe, well and to meet their desired outcomes.
  • empower the individual to make choices in their lives.
  • strive to provide a consistent service, creating positive relationships which enables individuals to lead a fulfilling life.

We have experience of supporting people with complex needs in a variety of settings from low level visiting support to 24 hour supported accommodation.

Jane’ Story

Jane is a young lady who has complex needs and it is important that she gets the right support to help her live her life to the full.

The right support for Jane is to have a team of female staff to support her full time in her own home, providing support with communication, personal care and the activities she enjoys. It is also important to her to have staff she knows to support her and we try hard to make sure there are not many changes to her team.

It is important that Jane has the chance to say what she wants in her life and to direct her own support as much as she can, therefore she and the staff team work with the Speech and Language Therapist to make sure she can do this in a way which she and staff understand.

Jane loves to be active and if she cannot carry out her daily activities she can become frustrated so staff make sure they know what she wants to do and plan her support with her to make her wishes happen and also keep her safe.

Jane enjoys swimming, going to rebound therapy, cycling at Lochore Meadows and going out in her car.

Jane has not been on holiday for some years, and staff are supporting her to choose locations, initially having 1 night away in a cottage, or caravan.

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