Older People Support Service

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We provide housing support which enables older people to lead full and happy lives enabling them to live at home safely, for as long as possible. Our aim is to promote health and social wellbeing, making people feel valued, respected and treated as individuals. We:

  • work in a person centred and outcomes focussed way, which involves working with individuals to determine the outcomes they wish and agree their plan of support to maximise independence.
  • provide practical support and assist with tasks such as shopping, budgeting, attending and making appointments, preparing meals, household tasks, home safety and security checks.
  • recognise that older people want and need continuity of care and we work closely with other professionals and informal carers to ensure provision of support is the best possible.
  • recognise that older people may have additional needs due to other conditions such as dementia and work with them, their families and other professionals to ensure that any support provided meets these additional needs, minimises distress and keeps them safe.

We have experience of supporting older people in a variety of settings from low level visiting support to 24 hour supported accommodation.

Billy’s Story

Billy has reached the grand age of 80 and has been receiving support for almost two years.

Billy found himself in homeless accommodation due to separation from his partner late in life and the first support was to help him find a secure home where he could be safe.

Over time, he has been able to take on all the tasks needed to keep his home and to deal with the other issues he had such as debt, dealing with mail and engaging with people and services which would help him get back on track.

Billy has good relationships with his staff team and was able to get to a point where he was living a comfortable and secure life, free of debt and worry about his house.

Recently Billy’s health has changed and he now faces the challenges that dementia and reduced mobility bring. His support has had to change too so that he can continue to be comfortable, secure and importantly safe at home. He has more visiting health support, a community alarm, a meals service and many arrangements are in place to keep him as safe as possible whilst still remaining in the home which is so important to him.

There may come a time when Billy needs more intensive support but for now he is living the comfortable, safe and secure life he wanted.

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