What Is A Support Worker?

A Support Worker is someone who looks after the well-being of people in their daily lives. They help people with varying degrees of physical disabilities, mental health needs as well as learning disabilities to live as independently as possible within the community. The support provided by Kingdom Support and Care is for all ages from children to adults and can be both physical and emotional. Support is not provided in the same way for every individual it is tailored to their own needs, wants and desires. Being a Support Worker is a challenging but rewarding role that allows you to make a real and positive difference in the lives of others.

What is involved in the role of a Support Worker?

The role of a Support Worker is varied as each supported individual has unique needs and care plans are person centred.

On a day-to-day basis, support worker duties could include but not limited to, helping with meal preparation, household chores, administering medication, managing finances, accessing community facilities, going shopping, meeting friends, visiting the doctors and providing general emotional support.

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Do Support Worker roles involve Personal Care?

Personal care can be involved, but to varying degrees as each supported individual is different. For some it will just be a reminder and for others it may involve assisting in the showering, getting dressed or help with eating and drinking, all the daily tasks that so many of us take for granted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have care experience?

It is not essential to have care experience, we provide full comprehensive training and support. The values we look for when recruiting fall within our company CARES values.

How do I apply to be a Support Worker?

You can view all our current vacancies on the recruitment page of the website or complete a contact form and one of our staff members will get back to you with some more information.

Do I need to be a driver?

It is not essential to be a driver for all services, however it is desirable for some outreach services? Some supported individuals have their own car to be driven by Support Workers, this is to allow attendance to appointments and go on days out.

What is the rate of pay?

We are an accredited living wage employer, which pays above the minimum living wage, see the rate of pay for each role on our recruitment page.

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