Physical Disability Support Service

Care Inspectorate Rating

People with a physical disability have to overcome many challenges and barriers in their lives. We recognise that individuals need a service designed to meet their unique needs to lead a full and meaningful life in the community. We:

  • carry out person centred and outcomes focussed planning with the individual and their family, placing the emphasis on empowering individuals to take control of their lives, whether the support is for a few hours a day or a more substantial package.
  • develop support to fit into the person’s life which is flexible and structured to suit an individua’sl needs.
  • provide support which maximises independent living and enables people to carry out their everyday roles and responsibilities.
  • provide practical assistance and support such as personal care and moving and handling.
  • involve individuals in identifying their support needs and desired outcomes, finding solutions and discussing options.
  • strive to empower individuals to reach their full potential, living an equal and inclusive life.
  • ensure all staff are fully trained to meet an individual specific support need.
  • work in partnership with family and professionals.

We have experience of supporting people with physical disabilities in a variety of settings from low level visiting support to 24 hour supported accommodation.

John’s Story

“I live in my own house and receive 24 hours a day support and care, I have cerebral palsy and get around using my wheelchair. My house is barrier free so I can move around my house quite comfortably. My staff helped me to contact physiotherapy so I could have my wheelchair made especially for me, this has helped my posture and encourages me to move myself in my wheelchair”.

“Staff helped me to design my house so that items I need are reachable, including food items as I like to snack throughout the day”.

“I am a very independent man and like to go out on occasion. Staff will assist me to phone the special taxi I use, support me to go out and wait on me until I come back, this make me feel independent and in control. I work with a small team of staff who are all trained in all aspects of my support”.

John lives as full and independent a life as he can and is in control of that life and his support – something which is very important to him. Staff support him to arrange things to make his life as easy as possible and to overcome the barriers that a physical disability can bring.

We know we have done a good job when John can take every day things for granted, without thinking about them like most of us do.

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Fife, KY12 7QE

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