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Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a wide ranging condition and is traditionally characterised by impairments in the areas of social relationships, social communication and social understanding. Whilst we recognise the importance of understanding the challenges that people with Autism can face, we believe it more important to focus on the person as opposed to only seeing the condition. We:

  • view people with Autism as individuals with unique strengths, personalities and personal goals.
  • recognise that people with Autism have unique challenges.
  • are skilled at working in partnership with the people we support, their families and other professionals.
  • tailor our support services with the aim of maximising potential, ensuring safety and achieving the best possible outcomes for individuals.
  • staff teams have experience of using a range of communication methods including pictorial symbols, visual timers, transition strips and social stories.
  • can use these tools where necessary, to ensure that those we support are able to work alongside staff and contribute to the planning of their support.

We have experience of supporting people with Autism in a variety of settings from low level visiting support to 24 hour supported accommodation.

Robert’s Story

Robert has his own home having moved to an individual tenancy after sharing a house with others. This move has helped him to develop his independence, work towards reaching his full potential and to have control over his own life. He has ASD and receives support through the day and overnight. It is important to Robert that he understands what is happening on each day and can talk to staff and understand what they are saying to him.

To help with these things, Robert has a pictorial book and asks staff to speak clearly and slowly so that he has time to think about what is being said. He also uses timers to help him know when one activity is ending and another starting.

Robert likes his days to be structured and to know what is happening and this helps him to feel less anxious and not be upset by unexpected events.

Robert likes bowling, playing football, going for walks and watching the trains. Getting the right support has helped him to do the things he wants to do whilst feeling safe and relaxed.

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