Mental Health Support Service

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We provide person centred flexible services to individuals with mental health issues which promote and support recovery and assist them to live full and meaningful lives in the presence or absence of symptoms. The service and support is built around the person, their needs, choices and aspirations. We:

  • support people with their journey of recovery and respond to ever changing lives and needs.
  • provide visiting support to assist in maintaining their tenancy.
  • provide support to engage with relevant services and professionals to achieve good mental health.
  • recognise that each person will have had different life experiences which will have impacted in different ways and will take account of this when planning and agreeing support.
  • carry out outcomes focussed and person centred support planning with each person to ensure they get the support they need to live their lives the way they wish to achieve their stated outcomes.
  • standby people in times of mental ill health, having an active plan in place to deal with this should it arise.

We have experience of supporting people with mental health in a variety of settings from low level visiting support to 24 hour supported accommodation.

Sam’s Story

Sam spent a long period of time in hospital when his mental health deteriorated along with his family relationships. He felt anxious, isolated and lacked confidence in himself in social situations.

When his mental health had begun to improve, Sam moved into his own home with support from staff. Sam is a very private person and still struggles with meeting new people so it is important for him to get support from a few staff members who know him well. Because this happens, Sam engages well with the support he gets and he has managed to set up and keep his home going.

Sam and his staff team have come to a good understanding of his mental health and can recognise when this is deteriorating. Sam has worked with staff and health professionals to draw up a guide which describes the signs that he is becoming unwell, and has devised a plan which is put into action when this happens. It means that Sam still needs to spend time in hospital but this is happening less and less and he manages his mental health better with support from staff. When he does go into hospital it is only for very short spells and he can quickly return home. Sam now feels able to start branching out and, with staff support, he is improving his health through going to exercise classes as well as improving his skills though basic education classes. He is also getting the chance to meet new people and hopefully start some friendships which will enhance his life.

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