Do Kingdom Support & Care have a Wellbeing Group?

Employee Wellbeing

We recognise that wellbeing is an important aspect of all our employees lifes.

The aim of the wellbeing group is to provide emotional, financial and physical wellbeing information which is accessible to all employees.

A monthly newsletter is distributed to all employees, covering a range of topics all associated with wellbeing.

Events are planned to be rolled out within the organisation to promote wellbeing, mindfulness and healthy lifestyles.

All Kingdom Support and Care Staff have access to Free 24/7 Counselling provided by PAM Assist, a discounted gym membership and access to VIVupwhich is an online employee benefits scheme offering a range of discounts and benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How would I access services provided?

You will automatically be given access to all benefits and services when you join us, if you have any issues please contact your Coordinator in the first instance.

How can I join the wellbeing group?

If you wish to join the wellbeing group and you are an employee of Kingdom Support & Care please email

James Street
Fife, KY12 7QE

01383 741220

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