The Voice – Be Heard as an employee of Kingdom Support and Care

What Is The Voice?

The Voice is Kingdom Support & Care’s staff forum. It’s a place where colleagues can share their ideas, views and opinions and discuss the issues we face. Staff are encouraged to have their say about the future direction of the business and to raise any issues they might have.

Staff at all levels are represented at The Voice and meet with the Executive Director of Kingdom Support & Care to have open and honest discussions. The Voice group holds video meetings every month and all staff are welcome to contribute to the items being discussed. After every meeting, feedback is shared with everyone in the organisation through a staff bulletin.

How can I be recognised and rewarded within Kingdom Support and Care?

The Wall of Fame is Kingdom Support & Care’s very own employee recognition scheme. We know how important it is to share our successes with colleagues so every quarter we recognise outstanding performance as nominated by our own staff.

Across categories such as innovation, creativity, customer service, and outstanding support we celebrate our colleagues who go the extra mile.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Voice?

This is an employee forum where staff can give their views, opinions and ideas to help improve Kingdom Support and Care.

How do I join?

If you are an employee of Kingdom Support and Care you can join the voice by simply emailing

Do I need to be an employee of KSC to join?

You do need to be an employee of Kingdom Support and Care to join The Voice as it is an employee only group.

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