Coral celebrates 20 years with KSC.

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Coral celebrates 20 years with KSC.

Coral Low, a Support Worker in our Cupar Service, recently celebrated 20 years of service with Kingdom Support and Care (KSC).

We caught up with Coral to present her with a long service award and to hear about her hints and tips for people thinking of joining KSC.

You joined KSC 20 years ago. Can you tell us what you were doing before then and what motivated you to join our team?

I previously worked in the electronics sector but there came a time when I wanted to try something new, Support Work was something that I thought I could do as I have a caring nature

You are currently a Support Worker in our Cupar service. What does a typical day involve?

In the Cupar service we provide a range of support to individuals with mental health issues, learning disabilities, as well as physical disabilities. For some, we are supporting them in their transition into community living. We support in all aspects of their lives, it’s fair to say that no two days are the same. 

If someone was considering joining KSC as a Support Worker, what would you advise them?

My advice to anyone considering a career with Kingdom is give it a go. However, be mindful that Supported Individuals have good and bad days just like anyone and to not take the bad days personally. You do have to be thick skinned at times but the rewards on the good days make it all worthwhile.

Can you share something about you that might surprise your colleagues?

I absolutely love shopping and would go as far to say that I am a secret shopaholic.

Congratulations to Coral on achieving 20 years’ service and special thanks for the difference she has made to so many lives over that time.

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